Jackie will have his revenge through Foreigner.

Having the release date of 13 Oct, 2017 Jakie chan’s Latest upcoming movie “The Foreigner” is set to give some advance action scenes. The movie is directed by Martin Campbell and the movie has maximum budget of 35 million USD. This October Quan (Jackie chan) will take on the Liam Hennessy (Pierce Brosnan) which plays as a shady government official.
The plot reveals as the protagonist starts his role as an owner of the restaurant owner in London ‘Chinatown. In the story, he had the dark past as had lost all his family members expect his teenage daughter.

However, his only remaining daughter is soon to be deceased due to an attack by Irish terrorists. Chan then tries to bring justice from the official system way but that doesn’t bring him justice.
He then tries to bring his own justice by tracking down the people responsible for that attack.
The movie is combination of both thriller and action.
Campbell tells us that Chan will be giving his best in this movie.

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