Man Shoots himself while watching IT!

Shooting at the movies! That’s pretty dangerous incident to be occurred in the Cinema hall.

Don’t you think?

No matter the Evolvement of Movies to go, there are still many cinema hall events that are scary while it is.

People are mostly engaged into some kind of brawl and fights in movie hall. In the recent years these brawls were in decreased.

The recent incident took place in Norwalk at Bow Tie Movie hall where a man shot himself while watching a horror Movie IT. He was carrying a loaded gun which accidentally fired into his own leg.

The man also named as Theo Thomopoulos was charged with several crimes. Firstly, carrying a loaded gun into a Movie Theatre. He was given a medical care by Norwalk Fire Department staff after his shot himself back in September.

Audience were happy that he didn’t had any motive to kill or injure anyone else in the Movie Hall. However, people evacuated after hearing the gunshot. Mr. Thomopoulos was bailed later for $26,000 on Thursday. He was later to promised to appear in the court.